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Entrepreneurship excites her. Shannon founded Elevate Her Network in January of 2019. One of her God given gifts is to help people take action and become more clear in everything they do. If you aren’t growing, then you aren’t really living up to your full potential, right? Her background is in marketing and design from Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota. She’s a serial entrepreneur who's helped launch and grow many businesses across various industries. She worked with a well known Minnesota marketing agency, Media Relations Agency. She started her entrepreneurial journey publishing a Twin Cities women’s business magazine for over six years and then sold it, along with a women’s network, called Encourage Her Network. She loves connecting people and is especially excited about bringing even more women together though Elevate Her Network.

Shannon has produced hundreds of live networking events in the Twin Cities. She’s personally supported hundreds of businesses with various aspects of their marketing over the last decade. She partners with her clients to develop fresh new marketing strategies and prides herself on teaching simple, straightforward, and getting results. Shannon creates WordPress websites and manages social media platforms for businesses that want to leverage the internet and social media to grow. 

She offers personalized strategy sessions with expert marketing advice for the do it yourselfers. Members of Elevate Her Network get discounted pricing for sessions. Shannon's positive coaching style aids you along in taking action on revenue generating activities and business goals. She starts conversations about growing sales, innovative marketing strategies, creative business approaches, branding, and much more. She's currently freelancing, collaborating, and creating a life and business that she loves. Learn more at www.shannonjohnson.biz. 

“I love investing in my own growth but what’s even better is seeing other people growing right along with me. I think success is sweeter when shared.” Shannon Johnson


Get to know our featured speaker! She’s the founder of Elevate Her Network.

Shannon's an entrepreneurial-minded marketer who offers a variety of support for growing businesses. She’s passionate about helping others market their businesses and expand their network of influence. She enjoys making quality introductions and loves personal growth. She's excited to kick off some new fun women's networking again!! Join us to learn about Elevate Her Network and all of the great things happening. Guests are always welcome! 


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Discover the value in adding us to your existing professional network. 

Here’s how YOU can make a difference: As women, we all have resources to make things happen. We should be mentoring, advising, and looking out for one another. We need more women to lean into the movement and dedicate time to elevating the women around us. 

We can make a huge impact when we partner up and work together. Collaborating is a win/win! It’s our time to propel more women forward in life, family, and business.  Our culture is very uplifting and collaborative, not competitive. We openly share resources, stories, and advice. 

Expand your network with us! 

There are many events that you can attend that will get you inspired and then send you on your way without getting you engaged or connected with the people. Elevate Her Network thrives off the active engagement that happens within our community. Women are truly making things happen at our events, outside of our events, and in their daily lives. Our Signature Events are designed to get you connected and inspired.

Elevate Her Network is the community for you if you want to sharpen your people skills, learn from others, and grow your network with like minded women who mean business, just like you. Smart women stay connected.


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Elevate Her Network is a community of driven women who build meaningful relationships and uplift each other!  

Meet the Twin Cities’ most encouraging women who are female founders, entrepreneurs, and women in business. We come together each month for our signature networking luncheons. Join us in opening doors, creating opportunities, and closing deals together. Become a member today! 

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